Do Vegans eat Bread?

Why yes, yes we do! And plenty of it! Unless we’re gluten sensitive and then oh boy! I can only imagine the difficulty a gluten sensitive vegan must face!

The “Do you eat…?” question is one I often receive and it makes me smile if not chuckle inside. “Do you eat fish?” No. Pescatarians are vegetarians who eat fish. “Do you eat milk or cheese or eggs?” No, that would be a vegetarian. “Do you eat yogurt?” Only if it’s not made from dairy…”Do you eat pizza?” YES!! I love pizza! I make it without cheese or with vegan cheese. I’ll post some recipes in days to come!

And back to the “Do you eat bread?” question. It’s actually a good question because some bread contains eggs, or milk, or even cheese so technically my response should be “it depends on the bread!” But most frequently, yes, I eat bread and love it! Just hold the butter that’s made from dairy! Vegan butter is our friend as well as olive oil. People also ask, “Isn’t margarine vegan?” No, all margarine isn’t vegan as they may contain whey or lactose. Read the label the closely!

So when I get the question, “Do you eat…?” I just smile and wait for whatever it is and answer politely. I educate as much as the person who is asking the question is interested in wanting to be educated but don’t ever vegan preach.


Author: veganbrenda

An inspired vegan sharing my learning and recipes with those interested!

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