Vegan Brenda’s Pasta Retake – Better the Next Day!

I made so much pasta the night before for only a couple people that there was no way we could eat it all.  But that’s okay.  Pasta is so versatile that it’s easy to be creative and give it new life the next day and that’s exactly what I did with this recipe.  This was a quick reheat on the stove top and it gave the pasta a new texture and deeper flavor.  My daughter’s boyfriend loved the avocado in the pasta as it became a little charred on the outside yet smooth and creamy on the inside and squeezing in a bit more lime gave it a little zing!  and freshness that adds the depth to round out this dish.


Leftover Vegan Brenda’s Pasta with Avocado and Sundried Tomato

olive oil

½ avocado

1 lime



Diaya – Monterey Jack Cheese Block


Sauté pan

Cutting board


Cheese grater


Heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. You do not want the oil to smoke. When the pan is hot add the left over pasta to the pan. Be sure to stir frequently.  You want to coat the pasta with the olive oil.


Cut and dice the avocado and add to the pan. Cut and juice the lime and add to the pan. Cook until pasta is heated through and you begin to see a nice brown color on some of the pasta. You may want to add additional salt and pepper although recall you seasoned the dish previously.


Remove from heat and grate the vegan Monterey Jack Cheese overtop. Serve.


Notes – You may choose to add additional vegetables to the dish. This is the perfect time to spice up this retake! If you choose add additional veggies be sure to cut them small as cooking time will not be long. Small broccoli florets, diced squash or zucchini, mushrooms and shaved brussel sprouts would all be good additions.


Author: veganbrenda

An inspired vegan sharing my learning and recipes with those interested!

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