What you eat makes an impact

During the time I couldn’t be in my kitchen I was on my computer doing research for new recipes and I’m ready to get back to cooking and having fun being creative again!  But during that time I was also doing research to be able to share articles and learning about being vegan.  The first one I want to share is a video I came across that ties into why my daughter and I started our journey into the vegan lifestyle.  If you recall, it wasn’t because we looked longingly into the eyes of a cow one day and just couldn’t eat a hamburger any longer, or we had a fight with the Meatasaurus in our house and decided we were only going to have plants in the house from there after!  No!  It was an earth conscious decision.  My daughter came home after her research about the environment and made an informed decision that a vegan lifestyle was the best for a sustainable earth.

The video linked here, “The Diet that Helps Fight Climate Change” discusses work by Ben Houlton of the John Muir Institute of the Environment at the University of California, Davis.  In this short video the idea of what we eat and how it has an impact on the climate is discussed.  I don’t want to summarize the video too much, I really want you to watch it!!  But I want to give you this just to tantalize you into watching; 25% of all the global changes we’re seeing can be attributed to what we are putting on our plates!  That’s huge!  While the vegan diet has the least carbon impact, the video does suggest that everyone does not need to switch to a vegan diet to make a big difference for our environment.  So, if you are not up for going completely vegan, you can still feel good about what you can do for our earth by altering your diet to vegetarian or Mediterranean (although it is suggested to reduce meat intake by 90%, sorry to all of you meatasaurus lovers).


Author: veganbrenda

An inspired vegan sharing my learning and recipes with those interested!

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