Vegan Brenda came about kind of as a joke as my friend coined my name after I lovingly told her I didn’t mind that she was still a meatasaurus.  Having only embraced the vegan lifestyle since August 2016 I still consider myself a newcomer to the scene. But because it was my high school daughter’s idea to make this change I did my research to make sure this was good for her and then took it on myself as well to support her.  I commend her decision as she was true to her convictions and knew she was doing this not for health reasons, not only for empathy to animals (as many people think when they see a cute young girl, “oh it must be about the animals”) but because she was becoming aware of the environmental impacts of the animal industry and she wanted to make a change.  As an educator she has often heard me say that it only takes one person to make a change, to make a difference.  She has made a difference.

Since August of 2016 when my daughter came home and decided she wanted to be vegan, in just our inner circle of meatasaurus lovers, we’ve had 5 friends and family switch to a vegan lifestyle and another 3 to a vegetarian lifestyle.  For me it was about supporting my daughter.  It quickly became about feeling good on a daily basis.  My health has improved and I have more energy.  I lost weight and I have an overall better feeling.  And I feel good about what I am doing for our environment with the decisions I am making with our food choices.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you!